Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids: 10 Toys Under 10 Bucks

With the dark, dreary days of winter upon us, it’s nice to surprise the kids with some fun in the name of LOVE. While candy, stickers and little trinkets are adorable, I prefer a sugar free gift that will keep them entertained after all that chocolate has melted.
WWE® RUMBLERS JOHN CENA® & THE ROCK® 2-PackFor your favorite little wrestling fan these two will bring hours of fun.  My son can’t wait to collect them all.

The mightiest WWE superstars may have gone mini; but they’re ready for some big brawling action! Each exciting 2-pack in the collection contains a pair of detailed figures grouped together to recreate key matchups and rivalries. To play out the ultimate showdowns; collect all the 2-packs in the Rumblers world (sold separately).  Ages 3 +. $6.99   (Click on the photo to shop)

Disney Princess SPARKLING PRINCESS(r) Cinderella DollCinderella is sure to make her Valentine’s day even sweeter. We LOVE the Disney princesses!

Your daughter will delight at this stunning princess from one of her favorite Disney fairytales! Beautiful Cinderella doll is dressed for the royal ball in her exquisite blue ball gown with matching tiara and shoes. For more enchanting playtime; collect all the Sparkling Princess dolls (each sold separately).  Ages 3+. $6.99  (Click on the photo to shop)

Cars Go Fish Game


Who doesn’t love an exciting game of GO FISH!! Definitely, a family favorite for game night!

Hook em; catch em; and help Mater tow em! Its Go Fish game play with a hook! Instead of using a fishing pole to catch fish; players use Maters tow truck arm to hook favorite Cars characters. Preschoolers will build their learning skills while towing in the fun! Ages 3+.  $9.99 (Click on the photo to shop)





Satisfy your need for speed with a 10-car pack. Old favorites and new ones alike will appear in these packs. Give your collection a boost; or create some new racing rivalries! Cars may vary by assortment. Age 3+  $9.99 (Click on the photo to shop)


Who didn’t have one of these as a kid?! Even as we got older, my cousins an I would time each other to see how fast we could complete it! Classic FUN!

Baby can sort and stack the candy-colored rings; then bat the base to watch it rock back and forth. A favorite for generations; the Rock-a-Stack toy enhances motor skills and strengthens eye-hand coordination; while also providing your little one with lots of bright; colorful fun. 6 Months and up. $9.oo (Click on the photo to shop)



We always loved adding to our Barbie family and this one even comes with a pet!

What could be better than an afternoon hanging out with your favorite pet? Stacie doll is dressed for their fun day of play in a signature-style casual outfit a striped blue dress and a jumper top with heart pattern. She brings along her sweet kitty for hours of purr-fect adventures! ages 3+. $8.99 (Click on the photo to shop)


Polly Pocket is our favorite fashionista!

Its the best vacation ever! Kerstie doll is excited about jetting to Hawaii and comes with all the fashions and accessories she needs for an adventure-filled trip! For more vacation and dress-up fun; check out backpack sets with Paris and Tokyo themes (sold separately). Ages 3+.  $9.99 (Click on the photo to shop)


We  have played The Apples to Apples Board game for years. We can’t wait to try out this new version!!

The newest way to play Apples to Apples lets you create your own hilarious comparisons with a roll of the dice. The judge rolls the green die first to declare an adjective that starts with the resulting letter. Then the judge rolls the red dice; and players race to choose one and say a noun that starts with the letter on the selected die. The judge awards a chip to the noun he or she deems the best comparison. The first player to earn five chips wins! Ages 7+.  $7.99  (Click on the photo to shop)

Toy Story 3 Disc Launcher


Your space ranger will enjoy launching discs, finding them and launching them again and again.

The ultimate in movie-play fun! With this super-cool cuff; kids can be a Space Ranger; just like Buzz Lightyear; and help defend the galaxy from all evildoers.  Star Command is counting on you to complete this mission! Ages 5+. $9.99  (Click on the photo to shop)

TEAM HOT WHEELS(tm) Ripcord Racers Motorcycle



The motorcycle enthusiast on your list will love this two wheeled fun!

How fast can you blast? The classic rip-cord-powered vehicle gets a brand-new look; and it’s ready to roar! Thread the cord through the chassis; pull as hard as you can; drop the car and watch it take off. Awesome rev sounds; too! Ages 4+. $9.99 (Click on the photo to shop)


I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with super fun memories and tons and tons of LOVE!

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  1. It shocks me, as a new uncle, how expensive toys are! Thanks for these recommendations, I will look into getting one of them for my brother and nephew.

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