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No, I’m not rocking some eighties hair, leather pants or neon bangles.(Although that doesn’t sound all bad in the right situation.) This type of radical has to do with Power Women and a weekend of awesomeness.  As part of my ambassadorship with Best Buy, I’ll be attending the Get Radical Conference in Reston, Virginia from March 22-24, 2013. I am proud to share with you that Best Buy is the premier sponsor of the conference. What would make it more fabulous?! If I had the chance to meet YOU there!!

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Why Now?

March is the perfect time to begin blossoming both your personal and professional development.  It’s also Women’s History Month, a great opportunity for you to be bold, courageous and RADICAL whether you will be attending or even by following along online during and after the event. You can find all the information on the interwebs by visiting Domestic Executive Online, by following along on Twitter with @thedomesticexec and @BestBuyWolf or by checking out the hashtags #GetRadical2013 and #bbyspringforward. Again, be sure to stay connected to my blog during March for exclusive offers to help your family from Best Buy.

How will I benefit?

In 3 days you will gain more knowledge, more connections and more actionable steps to boost your career and live your life in a more confident, yet holistic way. With all the struggles that come along with life, I could certainly use some confidence and peace.

Who will be speaking?

Over this 3 day event there will be keynotes by industry leading women Jillian Michaels, Giuliana Rancic, Farnoosh Torabi, Judy Smith, Lisa Nichols, Angela Jia Kim, and the founder of this empowering event Doreen Rainey. Best Buy’s own Liz Haesler will also be a main stage guest as she shares powerful leadership qualities needed to excel in today’s business world.

Need more convincing? Watch this video!!

Be sure to check back here often or subscribe by email to get the exclusive inside information about the RADICAL Woman Awards, the RADICAL Makeover contest, the expert speakers, Giuliana Rancic and Jillian Michaels VIP lunches and more. There will be some fabulous information that you won’t want to miss!! Bring on the RADICAL!!

Do you take time to attend personal and professional development events? What is one thing you would want to ask if you were going? 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Best Buy.

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