Getting Healthy 2013: Tips, Tools And The #MillionSteps Challenge

2013 is already shaping up to be one of my best years yet! I’m starting to feel better and I’m definitely more active. Most if it is due to my involvement with the Best Buy Blogging Board. To start the year off with a bang they are challenging us to complete 1 MILLION steps by the end of January! I hope you’ll join all of us!! These sparkly boots are going to do some WALKING!

About the MillionSteps Challenge:

Best Buy is excited to have the nine members of their Blogging Board participating in a Million Steps Challenge in January. These bloggers are using health and fitness products, found at Best Buy, to keep track of their steps during the month of January with the goal of hitting 1,000,000 steps together by February 1st. To see how they’re doing, follow @BestBuyWOLF or search #MillionSteps on Twitter. Make sure you post your steps, send them a word or encouragement, or grab a team of your own and see how many steps you can take in January. We’re starting out 2013 with a New Year’s Resolution to live healthy – please join us!

Tips for Getting Started:

  • The word diet must be banned from your vocabulary! Instead remember, we are all working on lifestyle changes that keep you looking lean and feeling healthy.
  • Don’t go it alone! Even if it’s only online support, you would be surprised how much it will motivate you to be part of a group. You can always email me, join me on Facebook, or join in the #MillionSteps hashtag on GOOGLE+ or Twitter if you are looking for a support buddy! I’ll be checking in daily!
  • Make small goals; instead of saying Im going to walk 5 miles a day, spend five or ten minutes each hour moving during the day, see if this is doable and adjust according to your comfort. I have just started doing this and the steps really add up!

Tools to Help You Live Healthier:

If you were going to build a house, you would need hammers, saws and a plethora of other things to build a beautiful home so don’t expect to build a healthier body without some great products. Of course my favorite of all is my Fitbit, to keep track of my steps but this month I’m adding some other awesomeness to speed up my progress. I’m adding the Fitbit – Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale – White to my toolkit of healthy living. It goes along perfectly with my online Fitbit profile and helps me keep track of my BMI and body fat (EEK) percentage which is actually what I’m looking at more these days instead of just those numbers on the scale. It holds up to 8 profiles so the whole family can stay on track!!

In addition, I’m testing out the Cuisinart – Compact Juice Extractor. I’m totally phasing out the soda for more fruits and vegetables !! It had me from the first glass! Check out my previous post Recipes That Will ROCK Your Juicer for some ideas that are quick and easy to get you started. I CAN’T stop juicing! I swear I have never eaten this many vegetables in my life and I love it!!

For our most valued readers and friends!! SAVINGS on your favorite healthy living products!!

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I’ll be back in a couple weeks with more in depth information on the scale, juicer and my progress! I hope you’ll join me in creating a healthier 2013!!

What’s your biggest obstacle to living healthier? Tell me in the comments!!

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  1. Are those gold uggs? I want some! And I love your tips! I need to remember to take small goals! And celebrate even when I hit the small ones! :)

    • Michelle Kay says:

      They are actually silver Alison. I think the light made them look gold. Yes! Celebrate every goal! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!! I hope it goes well for you!!

  2. My biggest obstacle to living healthier is my strong will to quit. Sounds bad, but it is the truth. I can gain four pounds in a week (trust me on this one) but for some reason can only lose two. I’m trying not to have anymore of those + four in a week, but with discouragement, it is so much easier to eat! I really enjoyed your post. I’ve been wanting a fitbit. Maybe with that coupon I will finally be able to get one!!

    • Michelle Kay says:

      Hi Brenda! I totally have the same problem! Sometimes it seems that it is easier to eat but I try to focus on how much better i feel when my jeans aren’t so tight. That makes me feel way better than ANY sweet treat. I hope you get a fitbit. They really do help you amp up your activity and your online profile will provide you with even more tools to help you focus. Keep me updated on how your doing!!


  3. Fantastic Blog post!! And great ideas!!


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