Geek Squad to the Rescue

Crashing, getting a virus, security threats; am I talking about a WAR zone?! No! I’m talking about all the glitches that can happen to your computer even if you’ve only had it for a short length of time. Luckily there is an easy solution to all of these issues and it’s available 24/7 right from the comfort of your home! I won’t keep you in suspense any longer! It’s Geek Squad Tech Support! You can find Geek Squad® services online at!

What is Geek Squad?

It’s like having your own personal Geek Squad Agent available 24/7 with unlimited access to in store, over the phone, online chat and remote Agent support where an Agent can log onto your computer safely and securely while you watch your problems go away.  Additionally, you can have an Agent come straight to your home for a special discounted price of $49.99/visit.

What does Geek Squad Technical Support include?

  • The service covers up to 3 PCs, Macs and Tablets – no matter where you bought them, so they can help support any computing or tablet products you’ve bought at Best Buy, on Amazon or any other retailer!
  • It also includes Internet Security Software to protect against Computer viruses ($49.99 value).
  • Get unlimited virus removal, computer tune-ups, hardware, software and operating system installations, password resets and troubleshooting help.
  • Plus, get on-demand access to an expansive library of over 50,000 “how-to” online videos on how to use Windows 8, get tips and tricks on iPads, learn how to create your own Flash video animations and more! Just go to and enter your Tech Support Member ID number and you will be able to quickly browse all available topics. 
  • You can use the service as often as you like – no question is too big or too small!!

How it worked for me:

I was having so many issues with almost every site I visited. My computer would pause for an extended length of time. For me it felt like FOREVER! I also knew I needed to upgrade my virus protection. So after logging in to The Geek Squad site, I was presented with a TON of available agents. I chose Agent Blake B. because of his thousands of positive reviews. There was many available agents with about the same amount of positive reviews. I was feeling better already!!

The Diagnosis:

We chatted for a few minutes using the chat support window that pops up after you are connected to an agent.  Agent Blake asked me what my concerns were and then quickly went to work to figure out why my computer was having issues. He first asked if he could remotely connect to my computer. He assured me that this would be one time only access and all of my information would not be accessible after our session concluded. I was so excited that my issues could be addressed from my home. I didn’t have to unplug ALL of the crazy wires or go out in the cold weather to drive to my local Best Buy store!!

Blake quickly started his analyzing system and gave me this score so I would know exactly what my issues were. He then started addressing the problems and communicating exactly what he was doing in the chat window the whole time! It really made me feel at ease that he took the time to fill me in on all the details. I was happy to find out that I didn’t have any viruses; just needed to upgrade my software. When he was done he even gave me a link to speak with him directly if I had any follow up questions or problems. HOW SWEET IS THAT??

Geek Squad service is $199 for a full year of support. For the amount of access you get, the virus protection and the fact that it includes 3 devices there is simply nothing that can compare. Last year I had to drag my computer to a local computer repair store, wait a week and then had to pay over $200 just for labor and they said they could even fix my machine!! I cannot recommend this service more highly!! 100% satisfaction!! In fact, I’m planning on getting online with them later to get set up to the network so that everyone can print over wi-fi. WOOHOO!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post provided by Best Buy. I received a membership to the Geek Squad to facilitate the review. Additionally it contains affiliate links. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced by the compensation received.

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