7 Fun Crafts with Duct Tape

My favorite weapon of choice when it comes to crafting is duct tape! Whether I’m making duct tape flower pens, or quirky duct tape boots, I’m all over it. While I really enjoy crafting with patterned duct tape, plain works just fine for these crafts!
1. Rosette Wreath — Valentine’s Day is coming up very quickly, so this is one of the crafts you want to get started on soon! Make several rosettes out of duct tape and attach them to a cardboard circle to make fun and creative V-Day decor in no time!
2. Get Organized — I’ve been using plain cardboard boxes to organize my craft room for quite a while. Unfortunately, that gets super boring! Cover boring ol’ cardboard boxes with cute duct tape and give an entire room a new life!
3. Cover Your … Planner – Planning things is boring to me. I buy planners and just toss them aside because they have nothing interesting to offer me. However, once I covered my planner with some awesome duct tape, I wanted to display it proudly on my desk! By displaying it, I think I subconsciously reminded myself that I put a lot of work into that planner, so I had better use it! Hey, it’s worth a shot…
4. Accessorize – Creating duct tape jewelry allows you to get pretty funky when it comes to accessorizing. My favorite duct tape jewelry project was when I covered some plain wooden bangles with paint splash duct tape!
5. Plan Your … Wedding? – Okay, so you wouldn’t really want your entire wedding duct taped out, but these duct tape flowers are too pretty to pass up! I really think you could get past the “tacky” and make them gorgeous! Especially if you are using bright colors at your wedding, the possibilities are definitely there!
6. Play Chess – Make your very own duct tape chess board and set, and impress your guests! If nothing else, this would make a great addition to your son’s college dorm room.

7. Be Welcoming – Welcome guests to your craft room with a duct tape rug!It doesn’t seem like it’d be durable enough for an outside welcome mat, but I think it’d be fun to add to the craft room, office, or even a tween’s room!

What’s your favorite duct tape pattern? I like zebra print!

Photo courtesy of SlapDashMom.com

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