Upgrade Your Photos To Awesome With The LG G4


This post sponsored by Best Buy. I take a ton of photos. I thought I just loved to take them. Recently, I figured out I was taking so many because I was trying to get the right shot. I was trying to to get more light in the photo, the right angle and so many […]

How To Make The Best Ever Strawberry Shortcake

How To Make Strawberry Shortcake in a

It’s summer. That means its time to enjoy some strawberry shortcake! Ingredients: Strawberries-2 quarts, washed and sliced Biscuit bowls-6 (SEE BELOW FOR BISCUIT BOWL RECIPE) Whipped cream   Watch the video. Directions: Place biscuit bowl in small dish. Add strawberries. Top with whipped cream. ENJOY! Biscuit bowls: Ingredients: 2 cups Bisquick 1/2 milk 1/2 cup […]

Let’s Get Crafty With Cricut!

Getting Crafty with Cricut

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. If you’re reading this post, chances are, you’re a creative type. You like to craft, explore your creativity, and share your creations with others. And it’s for people like you that Cricut created their line […]

Mark Your Calendar: Simon Premium Outlets SideWalk Sales!

Chicago PO July 4 Summer Sale Flyer

Let’s Go Shopping!! As American as apple pie and baseball (but even more fashionable), Simon Premium Outlets’ July 4 Weekend Sidewalk Sale is one of the biggest and most popular sales events of the season. For four days, July 2-5, shoppers at Chicago Premium Outlets in Aurora, Illinois, Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets in Michigan City, […]

It’s Time To Get Your Drone On!


This is a sponsored post in partnership with Best Buy. Have you ever considered getting your own drone? Solo, the Smart Drone is arriving in over 400 Best Buy stores this June! If you didn’t get Dad something he loved, I’m sure getting him this, even late, would make up for it!  It’s the first-ever […]

3 Reasons You Need A SWASH In Your Life #SwashAtBestBuy


This is a sponsored post as part of a partnership with Best Buy. Unless they’re on a Sharpei or on a chubby baby, nobody likes wrinkles. Nobody. We don’t like them on our faces and we definitely don’t like them on our clothes. When our best friends at Best Buy gave us the opportunity to […]

Love Doing The Laundry With The Samsung Activewash Laundry Pair #MasterYourHome


Note: This post about our love of laundry is sponsored by Best Buy. Thank you for stopping by! I used to loathe laundry. Seriously. Every step of it. But now I’m back on the happy train to laundry town! I know, I know, you’re probably like, “yeah, right.” I could not be more honest with […]

Best Buy Education: Your Education Technology Partner

Schoolkids Working on Laptops

This is a sponsored post. Best Buy Education: Your Education Technology Partner! Best Buy Education will help your school every step of the way! Their Account Managers and Education Specialists are eager to listen and understand your technology needs, then use that knowledge to provide unbiased advice. They’ll assist you with product purchasing, installation, service […]

It’s Adopt-A-Cat Month! Spread the #ShelterPetLove


I love cats. Doesn’t everyone? The internet definitely does. They’re adorable, loveable and make a great pet for a lot of families! If you are considering adding a pet to your family, please adopt a shelter cat. June is the high point of kitten season. Shelters have thousands of just born, angelface, homeless kittens available […]

Register For An Outdoor Oasis! #BestBuyWedding

Wedding Registry At Best Buy

This is a sponsored post. Getting married is probably one of the most exciting and happy times in your life! Make it even more special with the Best Buy Wedding Registry! Now couples can enjoy creating an amazing registry and finally get what they really need AND want. One of my very good friends is […]